Logan’s Run

Logan's Run

Based upon a popular 1967 science fiction novel written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, as well as feature film that followed in 1976, Logan’s Run premiered as a weekly television series on CBS in 1977, starring Gregory Harrison (Trapper John M.D.) as Logan 5. And, although it’s airwave presence was brief, fond memories persist for this futuristic series.

The residents of the futuristic Domed City lived a rather laidback lifestyle – until they reached the ripe old age of 30. At the point, they were doomed to termination, thanks to a ritual called Carousel. If one lost their nerve before the ceremony, the local police force known as the Sandmen would hunt them down mercilessly.

Logan 5 happened to be a Sandman who made the startling discovery that a group of elders actually ruled over the Domed City, and the kicker was, they were all over 30. Seeing things as a tad hypocritical, not to mention unnerving as “the big 3-0” was approaching, Logan 5 decided to forgo the birthday festivities and escape the city with a rebel named Jessica 6 and their android companion, Rem. Their desired destination was a mythical utopia called Sanctuary that was located well beyond the Domed City.

This was no vacation. Besides having to deal with a plethora of strange and occasionally brutal outsiders whose paths they were unlucky enough to cross during their travels, they also had to steer clear of Francis 7, a Sandman who would earn a seat on the Council of Elders if he successfully apprehended the pair.

A thought-provoking and action-filled adventure series, thanks in part to a number of former Star Trek writers who worked on the series, Logan’s Run was sort of The Fugitive of the future. To keep costs down, there were very few glimpses of the Domed City and those were created from recycled footage from the film.

Sadly, only 14 episodes of Logan’s Run were ever aired and the season was cancelled within a year. A substantial and loyal fan base still exists for the film and series, however, and rumors have circulated for years about a supposed remake. Until then, all that remain are fond memories.

If you recall watching the television series or movie, we hope you’ll share your Logan’s Run memories with all of us in our comments section.

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  1. Kapatsos says:

    I loved this show as a kid in the 70’s

  2. pat mcguire says:

    Disliked the series. liked the movie. Loved the book! Isn’t that allways the case? would love to see a remake, only closer to the book.

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