Magic Markers

Magic Markers

Favored tool in the creation of posters, labels and Science Fair projects, the Magic Marker has played a major role in the classroom and at home for its ability to leave its mark… permanently. Colored pencils were a bit bland; paints were fun, yet somewhat messy. The Magic Marker, however, was the perfect way to introduce a splash of color to any piece of paper. Of course, some also emitted one of most beloved scents of youth.

With an ability to mark up any surface, including the fingers, desks and clothes of the less careful, Magic Markers have been a staple of classrooms since 1952, when Sidney Rosenthal introduced them to the public.

Originally, the Magic Marker was merely a squat glass bottle filled with ink with a wool felt-tip wick at the top. Within a few years, they were encased in plastic and became commonplace around the country with people of all ages, utilizing them for lettering, labeling, marking up packages and of course, making posters.

In 1965, Sanford Office Products introduced what would become the most coveted and popular innovation of the Magic Marker world ever devised. Called Mr. Sketch, these markers were scented by color. Red was cherry, blue was blueberry and so on. This led to many a student basking in the fruity aromas of their writing utensils, which also led to many a Mr. Sketch pen drying out prematurely.

Able to withstand light amounts of water and the fading of time, the Magic Marker has built a lasting reputation for quality in the last five decades. The makers of Magic Marker sold the rights to the Magic Marker name in 1989, and since then, Magic Marker has transformed into a revamped line of highlighters as well the original permanent markers.

Whether you used them for posters, projects, incense, or for the covert drawing of mustaches on a sleeping friend’s face, Magic Markers have left an indelible mark on in the memories of millions of former students – not to mention the occasional mark on the tip of one’s nose while basking in their fragrant ways.

Do you remember the fragrant aroma of the Magic Markers of your youth? We’d love to hear all of your recollections in our comments section below.

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