“A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal.”

Savory tomato goodness in a can, ready to be united in marriage to a package of ground beef and slobbered over a hamburger bun to overflowing. If your jaw doesn’t practically dislocate when you take a bite, and a clump of saucy meat doesn’t drop onto your lap, you’ve failed to grasp the concept of the beloved sandwich known as a Manwich.

The working class delicacy known as the “sloppy Joe” emerged in the early 20th Century, an inexpensive meal that consisted of cooking ground beef with onions, tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce, then slathering the mixture atop hamburger buns. In 1969, Hunts Food introduced cans of the already-made sauce as Manwich, which made an easy meal even simpler to make.

Besides the original recipe, which has a hint of BBQ sauce, a number of variations have popped up over the years including a bold version and a thick and chunky sauce. In 2004, Hunts introduced the Heat and Serve variety, a microwave bowl containing the famous sauce already mixed with ground beef.

They say that American families never sit and eat dinner together anymore. Perhaps they would if they skipped those measly sandwiches and opted for the comforting, albeit sloppy experience of eating, and often wearing, Manwiches together.

If you count Manwiches as one of your comfort foods from childhood, we hope you’ll take a moment to share your memories in our comments section below.

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