Mattel Electronics Football

Mattel Electronics Football

Prior to 1977, a football game was something a kid could only experience as an outdoor group activity. Can’t find enough kids to play? Weather uncooperative? Tough luck. It would take the advent of hand-held electronics games to bring the pigskin into the bedroom, the school bus and anywhere else where tackling each other was probably a bad idea. Today, we take a look at the game that started it all, Mattel Electronics Football.

When Mattel Toys introduced their electronic football game in the late 70s, they had a sure winner on their hands. It was simple to learn, could be taken anywhere, and when an opponent couldn’t be found, one could simply play themselves. And play they did; there were few places to be found that were void of the distinctive sing-song sounds made when a touchdown occurred. Mattel would eventually release other sports games, such as baseball and hockey, but none managed to win the hearts of little armchair athletes like this iconic football game.

For the most part, the game followed the basic rules of professional football, although simplified considerably – basically there were four downs and ten yards to a down. Using a combination of up, down and side-to-side directional buttons, players would make their way across the playing field. A kick option was available; the ability to pass was not. Various difficulty settings could be selected and “Score” and “Status” buttons helped players keep track of their progress.

Thanks to the astounding success of Mattel Electronic Football, the toy company would release a sequel the following year – Football II. To the delight of fans everywhere, this one had a new button, the long-desired “Pass” function. Mattel scored another winner in the world of electronic games – a success that would survive until the advent of Mattel’s Intellivision, which would kick off the era of video game console play, offering more options than were ever possible in the hand-held units.

For anyone who ever picked up one of these iconic games, the memories linger forever of the fun that often lasted until the wee hours of morning. We’d love to hear your own memories of playing Mattel Electronics Football. Did you bring the game to school, or play under the covers when you were supposed to be sleeping? Still long to hear those distinctive beeps? Share your thoughts and recollections with us in our comments section, as we pay tribute to this well-remembered game.

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  1. Michael says:

    Regarding Mattel Electronic Football 2. I have an original (with box and instructions, that I still play from time to time. About 10 years ago (don’t know exactly when), it was re-released. It is not the same. The newer version has a cheap screen that can make for an interesting but annoying game. My original was made in Hong Kong in 1978. It still works just like the day I got it.

  2. AJ says:

    Never forget the first time I played and got hooked. Walking home from playing in a Jr high basketball game, walked over 1/2 mile with my eyes glued to the screen and occasionally glancing to see where I was going. Best part, it wasn’t even my game! It belonged to one of my classmates, who was a girl!! She actually let me keep it for the weekend! What a gal! I destroyed that game by scoring over 100 points…haha

  3. Deano says:

    Awesome game — very simple, yet very addicting…This is one of those classic LED games that were and always will be a treat to play. Mattel hit a home run with this little circuitry board marvel. The game was so popular in 1978, that the tackle sound was borrowed from the band “Supertramp” to add into their song: “The Logical Song” during the ‘sound effect’ instrumental. How kool is that !?

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