McDonaldland Cookies

McDonaldland Cookies

There once was a faraway place called McDonaldland, inhabited by a clown named Ronald and all of his pals. And one of their collective talents just happened to be making some darned tasty cookies, McDonaldland Cookies. Sure, they may have tasted much like an ordinary animal cracker, but the residents of McDonaldland provided their likenesses. And for a kid making a coveted trip to McDonalds in the 70s and 80s, these were a must have finale to every meal.

McDonaldland Cookies were originally sold in white boxes, featuring a handle on top in the shape of the iconic golden arches and pictures of Ronald, Mayor McCheese, the Hamburgler, Officer Big Mac and Captain Crook. These characters, along with the lovable Grimace and others, were portrayed on each treat.

Sadly, McDonaldland Cookies are getting harder and harder to find. They are still listed on the company website and still sold in select stores around the country, although the familiar box has been long-since replaced by a boring bag. In many locations, they have been replaced by a fancier line of Freshly Baked Cookies. But kids have never wanted fancy, they simply want fun. And for decades, fun was epitomized by those beloved and oft-reminisced-about McDonald Cookies – a treat that managed to make an impression on just about every youngster of the era.

And while we sadly couldn’t find a McDonaldland Cookie commercial to share, we can still let you see what the old neighborhood looked like:

If you have fond memories of McDonaldland Cookies, maybe even begged your parents for them on a regular basis, we welcome your memories in our comments section, as we pay tribute to these beloved baked goods from yesteryear.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I loved Mcdonaldland cookies

  2. Celeste says:

    I always found that McDonald Land cookies were always dry and inedible. :P

  3. tcoria77 says:

    mcdonaldland cookies were so good, i got them every time my i got a happy meal.

  4. Dave says:

    My sons classmate had a birthday party at this North Hollywood McDonalds which had those cookies in bags…yum! This store also has a bunch of the old McDonaldland statues on display.

  5. Alison says:

    Here in Toronto they are very easy to find and are actually one of the healthier items on the Mcdonald’s menu

  6. Porsha says:

    I love love love Mcdonald Land cookies, they are still sold in my area and I always buy like 12 bags lol

  7. Ruthie says:

    Always delicious. They were not like ordinary animal crackers….they had lemon zest in them. Delicious goodness. Crisp and tasty. At some point in time they replaced the old hamburgler character with a more innocent looking one. Defeated the whole purpose of the character. He was supposed to be villian-like. Bad guy of the neighborhood. Oh well. If anyone has a recipe that comes close, I’d like it. At this point, sadly, it looks like McDonald’s will never make these ever again.

  8. Misty says:

    Does anyone know where I can find McDonald animal cookies? I am in Texas but would buy from the internet. I loved them so much and would love to have some again!

  9. Myumi says:

    Heads up!
    Anyone looking for this cookie can find it’s twin: the organic animal crackers at Costco, they have Winnie the Pooh on the front and I swear they taste EXACTLY the same, I’m eating them right now and its amazing.
    Just amazing.
    I’ve had multiple people try one and tell me it’s just like they remember the old McDonald cookies tasting like so its not just me!

    Your welcome, the internet! XD

  10. Janice Johnson says:

    I gave those yummy cookies to my kids when they were little. Today suddenly I had a craving for those delicious cookie bites. I was soooo disappointed to find out they no longer carry them

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