Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow

Milky the marvelous milking cow

There was once a time when a young tyke had to grow up on a farm to get a little cow-milking experience. But what about those poor city kids, whose urban existence didn’t expose them to such organic experiences. Luckily, Kenner Toys was around to ensure that kids from all walks of life could get down and dirty with the barnyard beasts, and pretend they were the proprietors of their very own dairy with the one, the only, the amazing – Milky, the Marvelous Milking Cow!

Thanks to a licensing agreement with General Foods, who was looking for the perfect promotional toy to accompany one of their breakfast cereals, Kenner unleashed Milky on the world in 1977. And the result was a toy quite unlike anything that had ever been produced before…or since.

Milky offered a simple excursion into the fascinating world of bovine breastfeeding. First, you pump the tail gently, causing Milky to lower its head and began sucking water from a small bucket. Milky would let you know it had enough by letting out a little moo, and that’s when the fun really started. Take the empty plastic bucket, reposition it under another part of Milky and roll up your sleeves. With a few gentle tugs of Milky’s soft, rubbery (and disturbingly lifelike) udders, your cow friend would generously produce a number of squirts of a cloudy, milk-like substance into the trusty bucket. But don’t go pouring your newly acquired liquid over those Sugar Smacks just yet. For, although this liquid was non-toxic, it wasn’t particularly tasty. There are certain things best left to Mother Nature.

This quirky cow friend didn’t quite take the toy world by storm. While certainly unique, it is somewhat of a mystery as to why any executive thought this particular concept (or Milky’s rubber udders, for that matter) would be warmly embraced. After a brief time on store shelves, the public sadly soured on the marvelous talents of Milky and memories of this short-lived toy are mostly a result of the catchy theme song that accompanied the one-of-a-kind critter. To date, there are no plans to unleash Milky, the Marvelous Milking Cow on future generations. Today’s city kids still have to travel to an actual farm if they want some hands-on experience in the exciting world of dairy procurement.

Did you happen to own Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow? More importantly, did you drink the “milk”? Share all the wonderfully disturbing details with us in our comments section, as we tip our cowboy hat to our old friend, Milky. We may not have known you long, but we’ll remember you forever.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I had one of these! I got it for Christmas and loved it til about New Year. After that, i got bored with it and me and my cousin started giving it other things to drink besides water…1st we put chocolate in the water to make choc milk, then we moved on to things like koolaid, grape juice, and slipped some of dad’s beer in there! Needless to say it quit working after a few more days. I let my little brother have it and he, wearing nothing but cowboy boots, a pair fruit of a loom underwear, cowboy hat and armed with a “shoelace” rope made a “new” toy out of Milky! THANKS FOR THE LAUGH, WHAT A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE!

  2. lorenzo medel says:

    I had milky when I was 6 my granpa used to take me to the butcher shop and there was a giant plastic cow out front. I used to annoy him trying to play with the giant plastic my grandpa bought me milky the cow I was so excited to have my own toy cow. Even though milky is a dairy cow I didn’t know the difference I loved to go to the butcher shop with my I am 38yrs old a journeyman butcher and been for 20yrs. Thanks milky.

  3. Sarah says:

    I want to buy one… anyone know where I can get one from?

  4. I got this for Christmas that year and loved it… played with it for years. I lost it in a military move when my kids were little, then just a few years ago, my mother surprised me with another Milky. She lives happily on my bookshelf now.

    I know it’s an odd toy, but I do love that cow.

  5. Ryan says:

    I got this for Christmas in 1978, and to this day I have no idea why I asked for it, but I’m reasonably sure it was that amazingly awesome commercial where they sing and the cow moos. What I remember most is running out of the white “pretend milk” and substituting Bayer aspirin or anything thing that would crush up and make white powder. I also remember Milky have the world’s shortest existence in my repertoire of things that I played with- maybe a good week or two. I can’t imagine Kenner made a dime on these things.

    • Andrea faiers says:

      i had this toy, i loved it, i want another one, lol.. it was one of my favorite toys.. i wonder how i can get another one, lol never too old for toys.. the toys back then are way better, my kids will love to play with this..

  6. Margaret Wright says:

    Did I have one? You BET! I begged and begged for this marvelous milking bovine! I dropped so many hints my grandmother would have had to been evil not to get it for me for Christmas! She wrapped it in tissue paper and I could see right through the wrapping. I remember being ecstatic that the wrapped box under the tree! I can remember peering through the tissue paper and not being able to contain my excitement!
    I remember sitting in the basement with milky, on many an occasion, pumping that tail, ever so gently, hearing a “moo” and milking her until “the cows came home”! Shoot, she is probably the impetus behind me being a successful breast feeder to my five children later in life! LOL
    I seem to remember the udders coming off the body and me placing a white tablet of some sort in the middle of the udder to create the milk. I never did taste it my knowledge.
    Many of a great memory, milky! Thank you,

  7. Erin says:

    One of my earliest memories involves this cow. My older sister had this cow. I was looking for it online to show my kids what it looked like & came across this site. Back to the memory- I remember still being in diapers, which means i would have had to have been between the ages of 24 months & 28 months, as potty training was finished within that time frame. I remember kneeling down in the hallway with my older sister & the cow. My sister would make it work by putting koolaid in it& tell me to drink it because it was milk! Of course, being 2 yrs. old I did:( I also remember my sister (who was 3 1/2 yrs. older than me, making her 5 1/2) would always laugh when I drank from it. I thought that was a good thing, like I was entertaining. Now I realize why she was probably really laughing, rather laughing at me 😛 It’s goofy the things we remember, if I had my choice this would probably not be my earliest memory -LOL

  8. Terrell says:

    Well done partner that is amazing

  9. Cassie says:

    I got Milky for Christmas when I was 5. She was great fun until I ran out of the little white tablets. Not much you can do with a cow…so off came the rubber udder and now Milky was a bull! A bull who could smash things with its horns! I also had a Ken doll who had no clothes so he became Tarzan and he would ride his bull through the forest. Whenever Tarzan got into a scrape, his trusty side-kick the bull came to his rescue. Good times.

  10. Missy randell says:

    Oh, Milky!! I miss you so!

  11. Wanda Trem says:

    I still have my milky the cow! I’ve had it about 35 yrs now. It doesn’t do anything anymore but I’m glad I kept it all these years.

  12. C Williams says:

    Well, now I know what it is that has been collecting dust in my shed (and my kids had previously done their best to trash). I think this was a gag gift to my inlaws originally (he was a veterinarian). I never knew the story on it though, but thanks to this website, now I do! Poor cow is in pretty rough shape at present. I didn’t know it was actually a kids toy, else I would have probably let the kids finish it off when they were little (they surely tried, and she was regularly rescued!). This one came to me missing a hoof and an udder… but did occasionally moo.
    I had thought to give it to the grandkids… guess I’ll have to think about that a little more.

  13. Eva says:

    I loved my Milky!! I remember getting it and tearing into the house just to rip it open and get to work.

  14. Law says:

    I was 7 and all I wanted for Christmas was this cow. As soon as my parents took me to see Santa I told him I really really wanted this cow. It became an obsession it was all I talked about. Well long story short Christmas came and I received a make your own doll and jewelry set instead. I was so disappointed. My parents who were very Jamaican churchgoing did not trust the milk the cow was giving, thought it was some liquid milky drug lol hahaha.

    But now that I’m an adult I can very much understand why they did not trust the MAN and whatever that milky liquid was that they were bringing into there home and letting the kids play with some mind control substance haha. it was a big thing, however now that I look back as an adult, the marketing of this magic cow was a scary catchy commercial, every kid wanted one and no break down of the liquid hmmmmmm. That couldn’t fly with parents now. You would have to define the contents of the milky liquid hydro wha . sodiuqloumazinx whaaaaa lol. The company would have you list every ingredient. However I still want one lol.

  15. kiki gates says:

    I am 40 yrs old and i still have mine and would love to buy another one

  16. DrBear says:

    I found one of these in the summer of 1986 in Valdez Alaska in the back of an old storage unit. I still have it today. It sits on a shelf in my living room. My nephews love it. It doesn’t moo anymore but other than that it looks like brand new. I didn’t know what it was until I saw this. Milky! I love it!

  17. Kristina hoerler says:

    I loved my Milky! I think I was just out of diapers, but I remember putting white chalky pills in it mixed with water to make the fake milk. I don’t know if I ran out of the real stuff and got creative or if it really came in that form.
    I remember the milk being very watery and the actual milking experience was not entirely satisfying but long after I stopped milking it and lost its Udders I would carry the big thing around and played with it like it was a giant oversized action figure. I remember staring lovingly at it’s stupid face and sleeping next to it.
    It makes me laugh now because it was such a big hunk of plastic , awkward to play with and very unlike milking a real cow. I remember thinking that was how all cows made milk! Ha ha twisted.

    I had forgot about that silly toy until dining at a local diner and there up with a collection of other cows is an old yellowed Milky cow, seeing it brought back s rush of memories! I’m 38 now, I must have been age 3 or so when Milky came out. I am still trying to figure out what cereal they used Milky to promote.

  18. david says:

    Just purchased a Milky the cow but it does not have an udder.
    Do you know if I can purchase one?
    Does the circular part the udder sits in removable and if so how?

  19. Wendy Spencer says:

    I have one of those cows. It was given to my two children for christmas.

    • Lois says:

      I have one, it was from my moms house. I am 64 years old. Not sure when they came out. Mind seems like the tail is stuck. Don’t want to pull too hard. I will look it up to see when it first came out.. I didn’t know what the name of it was. Excited to see this here!

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