Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

Few toys possess the sheer animal magnetism as the Monster Magnet. First, there was the name. As any marketing executive worth his weight can tell you, include the word “monster” in the name of a toy and you are pretty much assured a hit – especially in 1964. But this wasn’t just about the name, it was about abilities – and this fierce little guy had plenty, making him a most attractive addition to any kid’s collection.

Molded out of blood-red plastic, Monster Magnet was a ferocious looking creature, with a gaping, sinister mouth that served as a handy handle. And contained within each of his powerful oversized fists were, you guessed it, a pair of powerful little magnets. He also wore two armbands; one that made sure you remembered that he was manufactured by the good folks at Wham-O Toys, and the other that ensured that you remembered his name – Monster Magnet!

Now, your first thought might be “Great, so you can stick him to the refrigerator and that’s about it.” No, good friend, you could do more with him, much more. See that pile of paper clips over on that desk? Just watch Monster Magnet gather them with ease. Go ahead, give that Tonka Truck a little push with Monster Magnet attached; he won’t let go no matter what – he’s that strong. Want to try something a little more covert to amaze your friends and family? Put a handful of coins on a table and let him do his magic under the table, making them mysteriously move around to everyone’s amazement. Yeah, now we’re talking!

All right, truth be told, he may have just been a magnet, but no mere magnet ever looked quite as sinister, quite as foreboding. For little horror fans, this was a must-have toy and fond memories of the attractive beast would eventually lead a group of heavy metal musicians to name their band after this fetching friend. Years after being discontinued, Monster Magnet would attempt a comeback in the 90s, as the much less threatening “Super Gorilla Magnet” but as far as the cool-factor goes, it just wasn’t the same. Super gorillas are fine and dandy but they can’t match the torment, the sheer terror, of a monster. And a monster fitted with a set of powerful magnets? You simply can’t compare the two.

If you were the proud owner of a Monster Magnet, we’d love about the amazing feats you were able to perform in our comments section, as we tip our hats to this attractive toy.

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  1. steve l says:

    I still have an original monster magnet. No package. Still works
    It gave me the feeling of power
    when I was using it as a kid putting it on a car fender hard to pull away.

  2. mike says:

    Received as a gift in the time when Wham-O ruled the world ( mid-late 60’s). The red guy completely creeped out my younger sisters. I used him to lift toy trains…just like the commercial! He hung around our house for decades as I grew up…mostly from the exposed pipes in our unfinished basement. When my folks sold the house in 1994 to live out their retirement in smaller digs, I’m thinking the MM was still hanging up in the pipes. Maybe he’s still there 20 years hence! I like to think so.

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