Monster Squad

Monster Squad

For many a decade, monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man spent their time terrorizing movie audiences at every opportunity. But, like any career choice, things can get a little boring after a while. And when it was time to consider a new vocation, they brought their formidable talents to the exciting world of crime fighting, in the campy 1976 live-action series, Monster Squad.

This career change came about thanks to a criminology student named Walt, who worked the graveyard shift as a night watchman at the local wax museum. To pass the time, he managed to build a handy crime computer within a mummy case, located near a movie monster exhibit. Turning the machine on unexpectedly brought a trio of nearby creatures to life.

Eager to shed their collective evil reputations, the monsters decided to use their special abilities for more noble purposes and formed the Monster Squad. Equipped with a special customized van, and each possessing a special utility belt – complete with communicators to stay in constant contact with Walt – the trio set out to battle numerous bad guys in their own inimitable way.

Monster Squad never took itself too seriously, a campy tongue-in-cheek romp reminiscent of the Batman television series from the previous decade. And long before he would take to the seas on The Love Boat, or vote on legislation as a US Senator, a young Fred Grandy portrayed Walt, the eager leader of the group.

Sadly, even with an A-list line-up of movie monsters and a groovy customized van, the Monster Squad only fought crime for a single season before finding its way to the Saturday morning graveyard. There is, at least, a DVD collection available for anyone wanting to take a stroll down monster-memory lane.

Do you remember sitting with a bowl of cereal, anxiously awaiting the next episode of NBC’s Monster Squad? We’d love to hear your recollections of this 70s series in our comments section, as we tip our hats to another Saturday morning series from the 70s, here at Retroland.

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