Movie Magic – Singing in the Rain

Gene-KellyThere are few movie scenes as serenely entertaining as watching Gene Kelly (and his umbrella accomplice) dance amidst a downpour in the classic 1952 film, Singing in the Rain. Both whimsical and downright masterful, it remains one of the most beloved movie moments of all time. So, if you need a little pick-me-up today, a reason to smile and reminisce, we can think of no better way than to take a moment and watch Gene Kelly work his cinematic magic.

Gene Kelly’s timeless performance has inspired countless performers over the years. Michael Jackson remarked that he considered Kelly to be his favorite dancer of all time. And in recent years, Usher even paid tribute to the film with his own tasteful version.

We hope we brightened you day a little with this trip back to 1952. Now, go throw this movie on your Netflix queue (or click on the picture above to order a copy), then come back and share your memories of this wonderful film with all of us at Retroland.

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  1. Maria says:

    OMG! i just seen this the other day. I watch this movie one a years…always in April. It gets me in the mood for spring.

  2. jennifer harris says:

    I love this scene.

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