Mr Whipple

Mr Whipple

Perhaps you remember the bespectacled store manager, Mr Whipple. Always concerned about the quality of his merchandise, the poor guy had a heck of time keeping his female patrons from squeezing the Charmin toilet tissue in a series of memorable television commercials that spanned over two decades.

Of course, Mr Whipple had a dark secret of his own – when the coast was seemingly clear, he fell victim to the softness that was Charmin and gave it a few squeezes of his own when he thought nobody was looking. They usually were, and a sheepish Mr. Whipple had to admit that it was almost impossible not to fall under the Charmin spell.

Charmin introduced the Mr Whipple character in 1964. One of the most beloved advertising mascots of all-time, he was portrayed for an astounding 24 years by actor Dick Wilson, who sadly passed away in 2007. Wilson also appeared in numerous episodes of Bewitched, McHale’s Navy, Hogan’s Heroes and The Bob Newhart Show, to go along with his over 500 Charmin commercials.

Although Mr Whipple lives only in our collective memories, it is a testament to his abilities that he not only stopped countless customers from damaging the merchandise, but became so well known that, in 1978, a survey found that he was the third most recognizable American face after Ronald Reagan and Billy Graham. Not too shabby for the humble grocer who cared.

If you have fond memories of watching these iconic commercials from yesteryear, we hope you’ll take a moment to share your favorite Mr. Whipple memories in our comments section below, as we give a tip of the hat to Dick Wilson

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  1. HardyGirl66 says:

    I remember when I was 4 or 5 looking for Mr Whipple and his Charmin display in the local grocery store. I was always disappointed when I couldn’t find him.

  2. AmandaByNight says:

    In North Hollywood there is a street called Whipple. I can’t drive on it without thinking of my favorite TP squeezer! I loved those ads, and Madge, the Palmolive (sp?) lady was awesome too!

  3. NostalgiaTV says:

    I was lucky enough to meet Mr.Wilson..who played “Mr.George Whipple”..the supermarket owner..who told the meddlling pests”Please don’t squeeze The Charmin”.

    He was nothing like his supermarket owner character..he was a gentle and kindly man.I told him that I remember him playing a drunk on some episodes of”Bewitched” and he also played the toy company owner”Mr.Solo”on one episode of”Bewitched”..which also featured comic/character actor and mimic:Joey Foreman as kids tv clown”Ho Ho”.

    He told me”My God! Kevin..You remember that show?” “Yes I do Mr.Wilson and it’s favorite episode of Bewitched”.. he said”It’s nice to know that you remember my appearances on that show thank you son.”

    That public appearance was at The Sons Of The Desert’s Convention In Las Vegas,Nv. in the summer of 1992.

    Sadly, it was also Mr.Wilson’s last appearance..not long after this final public appearance..he passed away.

  4. jennifer harris says:

    I remember him.

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