My Pet Monster

My Pet Monster

The considerable plush toy market, for better or worse, tends to market their wares towards the female youngsters. One of the few exceptions was My Pet Monster, released in 1986, which aimed to pick up the slack in the boy’s market. It didn’t really matter though – kids of both genders couldn’t help but take a liking to this furry and fanged friend, simply because he was too cool to ignore.

My Pet Monster was a creation of the American Greeting Corporation, famous for their greeting cards, but certainly no stranger to the toy world either, demonstrating success with such beloved characters as Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears. And, much like their earlier endeavors, My Favorite Monster proved itself an instant hit.

Somewhat bulky in size, My Favorite Monster sported blue fur, a purple fang-filled mouth, and glaring yellow eyes. He also came complete with his very own set of orange-colored shackles. Kids could even try on the handcuffs themselves and thanks to a handy mechanism, break free from the shackles without breaking them.

More creatures followed, with names like Wogster, Rark, and Gwonk. So did a boatload of merchandise, including books, puzzles and games. And, what monster (or toy, for that matter) would be complete without an accompanying animated series on TV? My Favorite Monster made his debut on ABC in 1987, produced by Hanna-Barbera and airing for a single season. A direct-to-video movie was also released around the same time.

All in all, My Pet Monster was one of the more popular plush toys ever produced, enjoying considerable sales well into the 90s. Boys and girls alike warmed to the furry creature, dragging him around town and proving that a toy needn’t be cute nor cuddly to win their affection.

If you were the proud owner of this popular toy, we hope you’ll take a moment to share your My Pet Monster memories in our comments section.

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  1. Emily says:

    I never had a My Pet Monster doll, but I always wanted one. My brother and I always looked forward to Saturday mornings, because the My Pet Monster cartoon was one of our favourites. :)

  2. Raymond says:

    Hell yeah! i won my Pet Monster at a raffle from our local toy store. Wow, I was so happy about this. But my younger sister was so terrified by this Monster. Sometimes she and her friend would enter my room and look at the monster as a dare. As a result, they ran crying or screeching out of my room.
    Now the Pet Monster sits in the nursery of my daughter. Unfortunatly, the silver silicon coat of the feet and the hands slowly dissolved.


  3. Kal says:

    Here’s a tip for keeping your Pet Monster looking like new: use a grooming tool made for a wire-coated dog. Brush your Monster’s fur with it, and watch it spring to fullness. Use baseball glove oil on a soft cloth to wipe the nose, eyes, cuffs, and other non-cloth parts, to return an amazing shine and pliability. And lastly, a vaseline petroleum jelly, keeps those hands and feet shiny and protects them from peeling. I am a toy maniac and my Pet Monster from 1986 looks brand new to this day! I also keep My Buddy minty fresh by rotating his cap and brushing his rooted hair. He looks fresh out of his clubhouse box! Keep playing, 80’s kids!

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