My Two Dads

My Two Dads

It is often said that two is better than one. And for a young girl named Nicole Bradford, the old adage would be put to the test. With the untimely death of her mother, she learned that mom had been splitting her romantic time between two men, and furthermore, both were awarded custody of the girl. Such was the premise of the 80s television sitcom, My Two Dads.

Debuting on NBC in 1987, My Two Dads starred Greg Evigan (B.J. and the Bear) and Paul Reiser (Mad About You) as Joey and Michael (respectively), two very different personalities faced with the difficult task of raising eleven year-old Nicole (Staci Keanan). Their two conflicting personalities led to a number of tug-of-war scenarios, with the conservative Michael often at odds, on such subjects as dating and dress attire, with the much more free-spirited Joey.

Luckily, there was always a mediator nearby, as the building they lived in was coincidentally owned and inhabited by the Family Court authority that had awarded custody, Judge Margaret Wilbur. She stopped by often, not only to check in and arbitrate when necessary, but also to serve as a much needed female figure in Nicole’s life.

And those opportunities arose regularly as Nicole was pursued both by the awkward and introverted boy, Cory and the local teen heartthrob, Zack, who both vied for her attention and proceeded to drive her dads crazy in the process.

My Two Dads ran for three seasons, before being cancelled in 1990. It served as a crossover series with the popular series, Night Court. Judge Wilbur made a number of appearances on Night Court and the lovable Bailiff from that show, a hulking teddy bear named “Bull” appeared on My Two Dads.

Of course, one might wonder why Nicole never took a simple DNA test to solve the mystery once and for all. In fact, she did so in the final episode, but at the last minute decided to destroy the results rather than learn the truth. For Nicole, two was indeed better than the prospect of one and both dads had long since proven their love and devotion for their daughter. Blood isn’t everything.

If you grew up watching the saga of Joey, Michael and Nicole each week on My Two Dads, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this 80s sitcom in our comments section.

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