Now and Later

Now and Later

Sharing the dubious honor with such confectionery legends as Laffy Taffy and Sugar Daddies, Now and Later is a candy so supremely sticky, so eager to yank one of those fillings from your mouth, that you would think a dentist had concocted the flavorful little squares.

“Now and Later” candies are sold in a “bar” of individual, wax paper-wrapped squares. The name suggests that one could eat some of the candies at the time of purchase, and then save some for later. Fans of the addictive treats can tell you, however, that “later” was seldom a part of the experience. Once you started, you were bound to finish the pack, giving your jaw muscles an Olympian workout in the process. The true connoisseur, of course, knew that strategically placing the package in, say, a front jeans pocket, would soften the hard candies considerably, making them far easier to chew.

Truth be told, no dentist was actually involved in the conception of these taffy morsels (at least that’s what they want you to think). “Now and Later” was created by the Brooklyn NY-based, Phoenix Candy Company in 1962 and proved to be an overwhelming success. They were available in a variety of flavors including: Apple, Banana, Cherry, grape, orange, pineapple, tropical punch, strawberry, and watermelon (as well as vanilla and chocolate which are no longer available). Later years saw the introduction of more cutting edge flavors such as: Black Radberry, Red Radberry, Green Tingleberry, and Tropical Lemonade. Assorted packs and a cherry/apple split were also popular among youngsters eager to get their chew on.

Today, Now and Later candy is produced by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company, makers of such treats as Atomic Fireballs and Lemonheads. Perhaps in an act of mercy, they have softened up the taffy a little in recent years, giving it more the consistency of a Starburst candy. Maybe not the best news for the dentists of the world, but at least the jaws of children everywhere now have a fighting chance.

Were you a fan of Now and Later candy as a kid? Did you ever lose a filling while eating one of these flavorful treats? We’d love to hear all of your memories in our comments section below as we tip our hats to a retro candy that is still going strong after five decades.

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  1. Johnny C. says:

    I have many good memories of walking down to the local 7-11 with my friend Ernie to buy a hotdog, Slurpee, sunflower seeds, Bubble Yum, and many different flavors of Now and Later. This was a weekly ritual that I gladly spent my allowance on.

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