Physical Graffiti Anniversary

physical graffiti cover artOn February 24, 1975, 35 years ago, Led Zeppelin released Physical Graffiti – a double album that is perhaps one of the finest representations of this iconic band’s music. From Jimmy Page’s blistering guitar virtuosity, to Robert Plant’s wailing vocal improvisations, to the rock-solid rhythm section of John Paul Jones on bass guitar and John Bonham on drums, the album is simply a master class in the art of hard rock.

Featuring tracks such as the Moroccan-influenced epic, “Kashmir,” Physical Graffiti quickly captured the #1 spot on numerous album charts in the US and UK. To date, more than 8-million copies have been sold (16x Platinum). Here is a cool video that features the location where the memorable album cover art was photographed.

Did Physical Graffiti serve as a soundtrack to your 70s youth? Share your memories of listening to this classic album as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of a rock and roll masterpiece.

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  1. wishnick59 says:

    Wow, this was one of the most popular albums of High School…the cover looked like the buildings behind the football field, where the not so nice side of town lived. We used to hang out in a local park to meet our high school buddies, many had a guitar in hand and played the songs of this record while we played frisbee, rapped or enjoy the sunshine and green grass….

  2. tim_m84 says:

    Definitely digging the album.A must have for all rock guitarists.

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