Pillow Fights

Pillow Fights

Pillows offer us a place to rest our weary heads at night, or prop us up while watching a movie. They also tempt our dark side. Whether to remove an unwanted lull at a slumber party or simply to wallop your little brother’s head as he sits watching television without a care in the world, one of these battles can break out whenever there is a stack of pillows and an unsuspecting soul.

There is no “Pillow Fighting Rule Book,” no age limits and only one object – to knock your opponent(s) silly, while carefully watching your back for stealth attacks. The confrontations range from mano-a-mano to a free-for-all battle between a group of people. And what starts out as the former can quickly escalate into the latter, as it isn’t difficult to entice more people to join in on the fun. No protective gear is required for a pillow fight, and generally speaking, the only casualties are usually the pillows themselves. A small rip in one of the seams can quickly lead to a blizzard of stuffing or feathers.

That’s not to say that a proper pillow fight won’t elicit plenty of squeals, shrieks and screams, but they are generally of the joyous type, the expression of irrepressible glee. This does assume, however, that all participants are willing. The older sister studying for her SATs is probably not in the mood for a playful pummeling. And deep down inside, you know this. Still, that pillow is whispering to you, tempting you to show your bad side. And few among us possess the amount of self-control necessary to resist the evil seeds planted by these puffy protagonists.

Are you reminded of battles won or lost in your childhood? Ever accidentally knocked a lamp clear across the room amidst one of these wars? Share your tales of pillow fights past with all of us in our comments section, as we fondly remember one of the only times you could hit a sibling with an object and get away with it.

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  1. mollysofie says:

    Me and my sisters would have those epic bouts of what we referd to as P.F. That was our code to each other at the dinner table, so as to not give the big tip off to mom that holy hell was going to bust out in 20 minutes or so. What would always start out as a simple pillow exchange would escalate into a furious battle! Since I was the older brother, needless to say I was always the victorious gladiator. as time went on my sisters got tired of the reults and closed the door on that chapter of childhood..do miss the P.F. days though..miss my sisters even more.

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