Pink Panther Flakes

Pink Panther Flakes

Cereal mascot Tony the Tiger, iconic as he may be, wasn’t the only feline who dabbled in the breakfast business. Back in the 70s, he received a brief bit of competition from another beloved cartoon cat, one with a penchant for pink. The Pink Panther, with his unmistakable theme music, showed up on the cereal scene and invited you to try a bowl of yummy goodness called Pink Panther Flakes. Today, they are one of the best-remembered extinct cereals of the era.

Unlike Mr. Tiger, our pal Pink was already delighting kids every Saturday morning with his animated adventures on The Pink Panther Show. Produced by the team of David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng, the series debuted in 1969 and was sponsored by Post Cereals. A few years later, they decided that the show could use it’s own product tie-in and the result was Pink Panther Flakes.

Memorable as they may be, there wasn’t really an inherent flavor to the cereal, so to speak, unless you consider “sweet” to be a flavor. In that regard, Pink Panther Flakes had few rivals. They were coated with a thick layer of sucrose that seemingly made them impervious to the softening power of milk (at least for a few moments).

They were also covered with healthy layer of pink food dye. So covered, in fact, that they quickly turned a bowl of milk into a sweet and colorful concoction, similar in appearance to a glass of Strawberry Quik. Kids loved the pink milk, the undeniable sugar high, and the treasures that lurked in every box.

The cereal may have lacked flavor, but it made up for this deficiency with an array of interesting and memorable toys. Some may fondly remember the “Spoon Toppers” while others recall searching for the nifty “five-in-one Spy Device!” Or, perhaps you yearned for the pink “Spy Paper” that dissolved in liquid – murky, pink, undrinkable liquid. Yum! These toys are all collector’s items today and fetch a respectable price.

Pink Panther Flakes didn’t stay on store shelves for long, a year or two at best. Yet, enough love for the product remains to this day that Post is regularly approached with petitions to bring back the power of the pink. So far, no luck – but fans remain eternally hopeful.

Were you a loyal consumer of Pink Panther Flakes? Did you get any spiffy prizes you would like to tell us about? Share your recollections with all of us in our comments section, as we fondly reflect upon the sweet memories of these pink bowls of breakfasty goodness.

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  1. Jane Weems says:

    I LOVED pink panther flakes!! I also loved my RPX racer!! (I believe I got them with box tops & my allowance) a little race car that had a “T” pull rod that made it race around on linolium….we were crazy for those cars!

  2. Rick Lincroft says:

    Seems like it’s been like 100 years, since I last thought about,”Pink Panther Flakes”, but…
    Wow! Did that cereal rock!
    I mean, it came in a black box! How cool was that? Probably the only breakfast cereal that ever dared to. (They did change to a pink box, later. Black-boxed cereal being too radical for Middle America, I suppose.)
    And not only did it taste just as great as the article describes, but even the theme song was awesome. So much better then those annoying, uncool, frantic “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” style of commercials.
    The only problem with “Pink Panther Flakes”, was convincing my mother to buy it, as my little sister was rather adamant in stating her overwhelming preference for,”Quisp”. (To the point of actually staging kitchen table boycotts, of many of my preferred brands. Always waiting until mom poured the milk, then stubbornly refusing to eat it, so mom would end up angrily throwing out the bowl of soggy mush.)
    This resulted in mom usually purchased a compromise brand, that neither one of us particularly liked, like “Trix”, or the aforementioned, “Cocoa Puffs”.
    I recall the same difficulty in acquiring the equally short-lived, “Puffa Puffa Rice”.

  3. sam g says:

    MY ALLTIME favorite cereal the pink milk was the best part of all…wow thanks for putting this one up….i sure miss it…lol i even had my very own HUGE bowl for them… are making me smile ear to ear

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