Pogo Ball

Pogo Ball

Once you mastered the pogo stick and the Hoppity Hop, there was a new challenge on the horizon – a planetary-shaped projectile that could have you soaring towards the stars or, just as easily, dusting yourself off from an earthly collision with the unforgiving ground. It took some major balancing talent to propel yourself with the Pogo Ball, but if you had the right stuff, the sky was the limit.

Hasbro introduced the Pogo Ball in 1987, a descendant of the iconic pogo stick of decades past. Forgoing the pistons of the predecessor, the Pogo Ball consisted of an inflatable ball, surrounded by platform, which gave it a Saturn-like appearance of sorts. By standing on the platform, kids of all ages used the propelling power of the lower part of the sphere to bounce themselves with reckless abandon – holding on to nothing but the hopes that they would remain upright throughout the ordeal.

The pogo balls found some popularity in P.E. classes where they helped youngsters develop their sense of balance and, if one were more adventurous, television commercials displayed images of remarkably agile pogo ball experts showing what was possible on a pogo ball, demonstrating feats such as bouncing down stairs which, in hindsight, was probably a surefire recipe for an emergency room visit.

Unfortunately, even the help of Superman’s likeness in later versions, as well as the introduction of the Pogo mini ball couldn’t propel the popularity of the pogo ball too far into the 90s, although various offshoots like the Moon Ball did manage to prolong the Pogo ball for a short time.

And it’s kind of a shame, because the Pogo Ball had all the makings of a perfect X-games event in the future. Watching these fearless athletes bounce through a series of death defying stunts would probably do wonders for Pogo Ball popularity and assure these planetary propellants their rightful place in the future.

If you hopped around with reckless abandon on a pogo ball in your youth, we’d love to hear your recollections of this memorable toy in our comments section.

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  1. Emily says:

    I never had a Pogo Ball, because my mom thought they were dangerous, but my childhood best friend Shannon had one, so I played with Shannon’s Pogo Ball when I went over to her house. I wasn’t a very co-ordinated kid, so needless to say, between Shannon’s extra co-ordination, and extra time to practice, she was much better at it than I was. So, I never really got the hang of the Pogo Ball, but it didn’t stop me from trying. Ironically, I have pretty good balance now, from doing yoga, but now they don’t make Pogo Balls anymore.

  2. Drahken says:

    I had a pogo ball. I always found the thing surprisingly easy, right from the start. The only difficult part was getting on the thing in the first place. Initially i would sit somewhere, wrap both feet around the ball, then stand up on it. Later I figured out how to put one foot on the out edge of the side of the ring touching the ground, put my other foot on the other side of the platform, up against the ball, then slide the lower foot up against the ball.
    Once I was on it, balancing & hopping around was extremely easy (although I was never adventerous enough to try any stunts, such as jumping off walls).
    One extremely important tip: Always wear shoes & socks while using a pogo ball. If you try it in bare feet, sandals, or shoes without socks, the insides of your feet & ankles will get rubbed raw before you’re even aware of it.

  3. Jen says:

    I wish I still had my pogo ball.. i’ve actually been looking for one for several years after i helped my mom clean out her garage and found my pogo ball deflated with the plastic broken in half :( anyone have one they want to get rid of??

  4. Trish says:

    I literally woke up and went to bed with this thing attached to my feet for about a year. My mother later told me that she had concerns about whether I would forget to walk. Lol! I loved this thing and i know it had to help me in some way physically because I was never an athletic type or very active. If anybody knows where I might find a couple of these, I have two kids who would probably love em.

  5. Thanatopsis says:

    I had one when they came out back in 2nd or 3rd grade. A few friends and I used to love them.

  6. Ryan says:

    “Hasbro introduced the Pogo Ball in 1987″ either this is incorrect or Hasbro bought the rights in ’87 because I had one in 4th or 5th grade which would have been ’84-’86. I remember having a tough time choosing which color combination of ball/disc that I wanted. I also remember how difficult it could be to get the air pressure just right. The air plug was difficult to master so you’d lose air trying to get it sealed which would lead to the ball popping through the disc after a few bounces. Once it was aired up right, you’d quickly exhaust yourself hopping around…but it was such a blast.

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