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Popular-ScienceIt is often said that nothing in this world is free, but if one wanted to set out to disprove such a notion, he or she would need to look no further than Popular Science. This informative publication, which has been serving those interested in science for well over 100 years, announced on March 5, 2010 that they will be making every single issue of the magazine available online – for free!

Founded by Edward L. Youmans in 1873, the stated goal of Popular Science was to “disseminate scientific knowledge to the educated laymen,” and that’s precisely what they have continued to do since their inception. Today, the magazine barely resembles the early years of publication, which was altered dramatically in 1914 to appeal more to the mainstream. But they have always remained true to their mission statement – by putting complex information into terms that even the average joe could understand. For the past year, the publication has also maintained a television presence on (where else?) the Science Channel, with the show, Popular Science’s Future Of…

The magazine has inspired and educated numerous people over the years, such as this guy, who used one of their magazine covers in a pretty unique way:

So, before you head over to check out the hundred of issues of Popular Science now available, we thought we would ask you to share your memories of this beloved publication with all of us at Retroland, as we applaud their willingness to share so much information at absolutely no charge. Meanwhile, We can think of a few more magazines that we wish would follow suit. Mad magazine, anyone?

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