Retroland's Russell Scott On The Power Of Retro Brands

Friends and fans of Retroland may not be aware that the site’s founders run an award-winning cross-media marketing firm. CEO Russell Scott, who as you have seen has a strong personal passion for retro pop culture, writes about the relevance of retro in a recent post at marketing blog iMedia Connection.

From Russell’s post:
“…audiences, while craving something new, are always most responsive when they are allowed to discover something that unlocks their inner passion. If focus groups, market research, and box office receipts are any indications, the path of least resistance surely must be to carefully reinvent, recalibrate — reboot, if you will — a brand while remaining true to the core legacy that the brand has to offer…”

Read the entire article to see how some brands have done this well… and where opportunities were missed. Then, come back over here and let us know… what brands do you think have done retro right? How have their efforts resonated with you?

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