Ring Pops

Ring Pops

You want to look your best for that playground play date. Around your neck hangs a simple but tasteful candy necklace. But if you desired a little more bling, you turned to the Cartier of confections, the Topps Ring Pop. Style never tasted so sweet.

Frank Richards was a product engineer, working at the baseball card and bubble gum gurus at Topps. He wanted to create something that might help kids break their thumb-sucking habit (a problem faced by his own young daughter) and after a bit of pondering, he struck gold in 1977 with the Ring Pop.

Looking similar to a baby pacifier, the Ring Pop Featuring a jewel made of hard candy, large enough that even Elizabeth Taylor would approve. This was attached to a plastic disc that would clamp around your finger. Wearing one showed off your opulent candy tastes and made you feel like royalty compared to your peasant classmates. And should one of your peers be planning a heist, you could carefully form a point at the top of the candy with a few swipes of the tongue, turning the innocent treat into a daunting weapon.

Originally available in cherry and grape, Topps has expanded the flavor spectrum over the years and now offers eleven different flavors of Ring Pops including green apple and watermelon, along with “twisted” multi-flavored pops and even creamier varieties such as strawberry ice cream. In 2013, Ring Pop Gummies were introduced, a softer version of the original that made weapons manufacturing a futile effort.

Adults occasionally get in on the Ring Pop fun. More than a few wedding proposals (even the ones off of the playground) have been performed over the years using the candy jewelry. Taking things up a notch, some very special Ring Pops, made of a deep shade of Maverick blue and encrusted with Swarovski Crystal, were presented to the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 when they won the NBA finals.

While we can’t say whether or not any kid every stopped sucking his or her thumb thanks to a Ring Pop, one thing is crystal clear – plenty of children have developed a habit of sucking on these candy treasures over the past four decades and counting.

If you wore a few Ring Pops back in the day, we’d love to hear your memories of this popular Topps candy in our comments section below.

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