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The premise is simple: pull the string and the toy talks to you. But a Mattel See ‘n Say was so much more. It was an engaging and effective teaching tool, one that captivated every toddler from the 60s and beyond who ever tugged on that durable cord and heard a cow say moo.

See ‘n Say, created by Mattel Toys in 1965, was circular, made of brightly colored plastic and originally featured pictures of different animals on the clock-like face. An arrow in the middle spun when the rope was pulled and the magic voice said, “The (insert animal name here) says, (insert animal sound here)”.

So, maybe the voice wasn’t exactly magic; in fact, it was barely recognizable as human (or animal) speech, but it would last as long as it took the string to retract inside the toy. Perhaps the most fun came from speeding up or slowing down the recording by manually forcing the arrow to go faster or slower. You could put the See ‘n Say down on the floor and really go to town on that arrow, turning a rooster’s joyful crow into a protracted death rattle.

The technology behind this Mattel marvel was surprisingly simple, the same as that developed for Thomas Edison’s phonograph – which explains the quality of sound. Still, for children who had never heard a cow moo or a sheep baah, it was just like taking a virtual trip through the barnyard. And, batteries were not required.

A plastic lever eventually replaced the string, being a sturdier and safer choice for repeated pulling. The barnyard See ‘n Say remained a fan favorite but was eventually joined by other educational versions, including some that were purely for entertainment. In the 80s, See ‘n Say went electronic, leaving behind its mechanical roots and entering the digital age. It’s still a surprisingly popular toy for modern preschoolers – who are woefully unaware of its long and illustrious history, but captivated all the same.

If you’ve tugged the strings of a few See ‘n Says in your day, we’d love to hear your memories in our comments section, as we tip our hats to an iconic toy that just keeps on giving, here at Retroland.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I had one of these as a tot. on family guy,Stewie had one and he got the cow,and it had made a sound he never heard before,and he says, It certainly does not!

  2. cheryl hilliard says:

    I am looking for the see n say that was a game, with little round chips and when the pointer landed on your square you had to move off. It has several different sayings such as ” the easy chair is soft too bad you must get off’ and “move out of that rocking chair, rocking chair, rocking chair,” and its time to pick your card up and move it off the park bench” Can you tell me the name of it? Thanks Cheryl

    • EmRuss says:

      ME TOO!! We used to play that game as a kid and I would LOVE to have one… any idea what it is called??

    • anna says:

      YES YES YES!! “I’m a little high chair move off my square!” Was it all about chairs?? I loved that game… I’m on a hunt for it right now. Please let me know if you ever find where you can get one – I will do the same. Thx! Anna

    • Holly says:

      did you ever figure out the name of this game. I had one as a child and can’t remember the name of it

  3. Mary says:

    Which see n say had the mother? She said “sometimes the job of being a mother is more important than any other.”. Please advise and thank you.

  4. i loved playing with these things,family guy made fun of them by saying the cow goes chazom ,and stewie said, it certainly does not!

  5. Andrew Gomez says:

    If i remember correctly there was a see n say toy that had countries on it, i always played the Russian one.” I’m andrusky the Russian paloosky ” because of my first name.

  6. Andrew says:

    The game everyone is talking about was called musical chairs, I remember it well. I got mine when I was on holiday in the US early in the 1980s, it was really good fun playing it. Some other sayings I remember it saying were:
    That piano bench is hard, you’ll be glad to move your card;
    swing high swing low off the swing you go;
    If you’ve been sitting at the school desk it’s time to move your card;
    roses are red and sugar’s sweet you’ve got to get off the love seat.
    Wish I could find another one, I keep looking on ebay but haven’t seen a working one available yet.

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