Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons

If you ever fantasized about arcade games in your living room, a car-shaped bed, or just living with Ricky Schroder, then Silver Spoons was right up your alley. This kid-friendly sitcom arrived in the 80s and quickly became a favorite among the school age set.

Debuting on NBC in 1982, Silver Spoons followed the lives of a boy named Ricky Stratton who came to live with his father Edward, a self-made millionaire who was often less mature than his son. The pair resided in an opulent mansion filled with video arcade games, a foosball table and a working train.

Having made his money in the toy industry, Edward employed a couple of assistants to help with the responsibilities. Kate Summers served as his personal assistant, voice of reason, and eventual love interest. Dexter Stuffins (who replaced lawyer Leonard Rollins after the first season) worked as Edward’s stuffy business manager. Ricky’s no nonsense grandfather (played wonderfully by the late John Houseman) was also a regular visitor.

The Rickster was an only child, but that’s not to say he was lonely. He had a number of close friends over the years, including bad influence Derek Taylor (Justin Bateman), the smooth talking J.T. Martin, nerd Freddy Lippincottleman, and the breakdancing son of his father’s manager, Alphonso Spears.

Despite his considerable wealth, Ricky had his share of adolescent problems, not to mention reining in his immature father with his childlike view of the world. By the time season four arrived, Edward had matured to the point of tying the knot with longtime assistant, Kate.

Always popular with the younger crowd, not so much with the adults, Silver Spoons ran for five seasons, four of them on NBC and one in syndication. During its run, a number of celebrities made memorable appearances over the years including Mr. T, Whitney Houston, Tommy Lasorda and Menudo.

When the show ended, Alphonso Ribiero found success on the hit NBC series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Ricky Schroder eventually shedded his teen idol status, growing up to portray police detective Danny Sorenson on NYPD Blue in the late 90s.

Silver Spoons may not have offered a realistic portrayal of life in the 80s, but it was an entertaining one nonetheless – giving youngsters an opportunity to fantasize about how the other half lives and reminding them that even the rich have their share of problems – ones that even a train ride around the living room can’t always fix.

Did you tune in faithfully to Silver Spoons each week? Did you have a crush on Ricky Schroder? We’d love to hear all of your childhood memories of this 80s sitcom in our comments section below.

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