Snik Snak

Snik Snak candy bar

“Take a break, Take a Snik Snak”

First introduced by Mars in the mid-60s, Snik Snak bars were once the primary rival of the similarly-titled Hershey concoction, the Kit Kat bar (which arrived on the market first.) But for fans of the long-extinct candy, there was really never any comparison.

They were originally introduced as the M&M Wafer Bar, and went through a few name changes, before the name Snik Snak was decided upon. Basically, they consist of a wafer cookie, dunked in a coating of milk chocolate. They were sold in a row of six, compared to the competitor’s four pack, although the size of the package was relatively the same. They were sold in a bright orange and red wrapper.

By the late 70s, unfortunately, the great wafer war had been won and Snik Snak did not emerge victorious, much to the disappointment of their loyal legion of fans. Today, they remain a mere memory – one that, to date, cannot even be relived via a retro candy distributor. But for many, hope springs eternal that someday, the world may yet again be big enough for two chocolate-covered wafer products to co-exist peacefully. One can dream, at least.

Do you have any recollections of this long-extinct confection? Share your Snik Snak memories with all of us in our comments section, as we take a moment of silence to remember this candy bar from yesteryear, here at Retroland.

(Snik Snak image courtesy of Jason Liebig)

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  1. betsy says:

    Snik Snak was my favorite candy as a child. I remember the local drugstore always had them (and other candy bars) for the special deal of 39¢ for 6. I could never figure out who was buying KitKat bars because they were (and still are) flavorless. Imagine a KitKat bar with the flavors in a Twix bar – hmmm. I’m glad you have them on your site – no one ever know what I’m taking about when I mention them. Was starting to think I had dreamed them up…

  2. I remember these SO fondly! I generally prefer this kind of lighter-colored chocolate- it has a more luminous sweetness. I eat Kit Kats and enjoy them, but Snik Snak was always what I prefer. The closest I come to it now is Toggi, which is an import from Europe. Similarly delicious.

  3. JuJuBee says:

    I loved the Snik Snak bar. It was one of my favorites. After it vanished, whenever I mentioned it to people they all drew a blank. No one I know remembers it at all. It would frequently melt in the wrapper, and crumble. Maybe that’s why they discontinued it. It was a more delicate bar than the sturdy Kit Kat, easily damaged in transit. I didn’t mind that because it tasted so good, But I assume that’s probably what killed it.

  4. Terry Ivy says:

    I remember enjoying this awesome candy when I was stationed at the U. S. Naval Training Center in Bainbridge, Maryland back in 1966-1967. It was wonderful!!

  5. Ray Barker says:

    That was me on the commercial. Paul Dooley of 16 Candles is the dad. Kit Kat’s lion commercial knocked us out.

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