Star Trek Technology


Over at our Retrotalk discussion boards, posters have been discussing the technology of The Jetsons and how we stack up today against the cartoon’s vision of the future. Truth be told, however, when one uses Star Trek as a gauge, we seem to be making more progress.

Consider the trio of gadgets that no respectable member of the Federation would beam down to a planet without – the communicator, phaser, and tricorder:

Now, let’s see how we stack up:

One could argue that, in respect to at least two of the three devices, our technology may have already surpassed that of our friends from the future. The phaser still needs a little work though. Tasers don’t make the same nifty sound, nor emit that wonderful burst of blue light. They will stop a wrongdoer in their tracks though – at least a human one. Now, we just need to achieve warp speed and beaming each other from place to place within a shower of sparkling glitter. Although, if one wanted to get technical about it, scientists have made a few recent breakthroughs is the area of transporting molecules from one place to another. Who knows where we will be in another 20 years, but one thing is for certain – if we figure out how to beam each other around the world and beyond, we really don’t need that flying Jetsons car, do we?

As we look back at Star Trek, we ask you to share your thoughts on the futuristic gadgetry displayed in this beloved television series. Where do you think that our scientists should be focusing their efforts? Transporting, warp drive, or perhaps those nifty food replicators? Let’s let our top scientific minds know where you want them spending their time and resources.

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