Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies

The offspring of the celebrated confectionery clan we’ll call the Sugar family, Sugar Babies are the diminutive nuggets of sweetness that bear genetic resemblance to their proud parents, Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama. They have satisfied the hunger of sweet-toothed fans for over 70 years and counting.

Confectioner James O. Welch certainly had a knack for creating beloved candies, especially those with caramel. And, long before he bestowed upon the world the modern marvels of Milk Duds and Junior Mints, he created a family of chewy caramel products that included Sugar Babies. First introduced in 1935, Sugar Babies are roughly the size of a peanut, and have a glazed appearance, thanks to a pan-coating process. By comparison, the patriarch of the family is a denser version of caramel, shaped into a lollipop, while Mama consisted of individually wrapped rectangles of caramel. At least until she passed away, rest her soul (Sugar Mamas were discontinued in the 80s).

While the babes certainly didn’t possess the same staying power as their parents (a Sugar Daddy, by comparison, could consume literally hours of suckling time) they also were less likely to undo all of that difficult and expensive dental work that parents are so thrilled to fork out cash for. A Sugar Daddy, on the other hand, was a dentist’s dream, eager to pull a filling at any opportunity. Still, to the millions of caramel lovers around the world, the Sugars have always been America’s sweetest family.

Do you remember finding a few of these in your trick or treat sack each year? Share your Sugar Babies memories with all of us in our comments section.

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  1. i got these in my trick or treat bag on halloween as a child,

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