Summer Rental

Summer Rental

Absent the charm and comedic skills of the late John Candy, Summer Rental might not be a movie worth remembering. Instead, the beloved comedian’s portrayal of a stressed-out father trying to enjoy a summer vacation with his family turned it into a film that one couldn’t help but like.

Released in 1985, Summer Rental starred Candy as Jack Chester, family man and air traffic controller. Desperate for a vacation, he and the family head to a coastal Florida town for some much needed relaxation at a rented beach house. And then, everything begins to go wrong.

Upon arrival to their new summer abode, Jack and the family are surprised at how opulent the place is, and even more surprised when the real owners return home in the middle of the night, thanks to Jack getting the address wrong. Amidst the chaos, Jack hurts his leg but perseveres on a crutch. The family relocates to the right place, a decrepit little place surrounded by hordes of rude vacationers. Despite being hobbled, Jack tries to make the best of things and try to have some quality time with his family.

That is, until Jack manages to raise the ire of a local sailing legend named Al Pellet at a local seafood restaurant. Soon after, the owner of Jack’s cabin dies and Al acquires the lease, eager to evict the family of “renters.” Desperate, Jack bets Al that he can beat him in a sailing race. The stakes are the family vacation and it will take a motley group of helpful locals if Jack is going to find a boat and get his crew up to speed.

Filmed near St. Petersburg, Florida, Summer Rental featured Richard Crenna as the irate sailor and Rip Torn as Candy’s grizzled seaworthy friend, Sully. The seasonal movie did respectable numbers at the box office, primarily due to the immense likeability of Candy in his first-ever starring role.

Summer Rental might not be considered John Candy’s greatest work, especially with a resume that includes Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Still, it remains a fan favorite to this day, a funny family film worthy of a view if you haven’t seen it.

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