The Blob Returns (Again)

200px-The_Blob_posterSometimes the announcement of a pending remake gets us all nostalgic for a look back at the original. Such is the case today, thanks to the recent announcement that Rob Zombie is taking on the classic 1958 horror film, The Blob. Reports indicate that Mr. Zombie’s version will not contain a blob similar to those we are familiar with from yesteryear. We’ll let him take care of the details on how to reinvent the gelatinous villain. Meanwhile, we’ll be sure to include a little old-school blob in our blog.

The legendary Steve McQueen made his screen debut in the original version, alongside actress Anita Corsaut (“Helen” on The Andy Griffith Show). Let’s take a look at what tons of teenagers cuddled in front of at the drive-in, circa 1958.

Did you see The Blob at a drive-in, or perhaps while staying up past your bedtime to catch a late-night TV broadcast? Do you still throw it in the DVD player every once in a while, just for old time’s sake? While we wait to see what Rob Zombie comes up with for his remake, we invite you to share your memories of this classic horror film with all of us at Retroland.

And now, just to hold true to our word, here is some extra footage of our blob friend:

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  1. HardyGirl66 says:

    Oh please. This was already tried in ’88 and it SUCKED! Nothing beats the original!

  2. Cricket says:

    I remember seeing “The Blob” on the Million Dollar Movie (that was a vast fortune to lavish) in the late sixties on Los Angeles channel 9. Back then, the movie ran all week in the afternoon/evenings. It really scared me because, unlike conventional Frankenstein and Dracula type monsters, it could seep into any room you were in through ventilation ducts and cracks. I was about 10 or 11. Another movie that fascinated me was “Them” about the giant ants, also shown on The Million Dollar Movie, not the least because parts were shot in the concrete river channels of Los Angeles.

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