The Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch

Here’s the story, of a lovely lady,
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls…”

If you have been around a television set within the last 30 years, you likely know the rest of the words to this catchy little ditty that started the show each week on one of the most endearing and enduring (at least in syndication) sitcoms to ever grace the airwaves – The Brady Bunch.

First airing in 1969 and running for five seasons, The Brady Bunch followed the comical and occasionally adventurous life of a stereotypical suburban family. Mike, an architect, and Carol, his new bride, were two recently widowed adults who each brought a little baggage to their new marriage in the form of six kids.

Mike had three boys, Greg, Peter and Bobby, and Carol had three golden haired girls, Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Helping the couple manage their herd of precocious tykes was faithful and fearless housekeeper, Alice. In the early years, the family mascot was their pet dog, Tiger. At the end of the series, it would be the lovable, but shark-jumping, cousin Oliver.

While the show was completely panned by critics for being too juvenile, too unrealistic, and more than a tad on the corny side, the Sherwood Schwartz-created comedy has reached legendary status over the years, thanks to a seemingly endless run in syndication.

Generations of fans have followed the Brady family’s every silly crisis, every strange adventure – from the Grand Canyon (complete with Native Americans and eating beans from a flashlight) to Hawaii (complete with surfing misfortunes and menacing tiki idols), from Marcia’s nose meeting the force of a football in flight to Bobby’s trials and tribulations as the school safety monitor. Whether engaged in potato sack races over artificial turf backyards or building houses of cards, whether trying to win a talent competition or simply getting Davy Jones to appear at the prom, Americans have been with the Brady family every step of the way, catapulting the campy series into iconic status.

The youngsters from the show got their own fondly-remembered Saturday morning series in 1972 called The Brady Kids. After the prime-time series ended in 1974, the clan toured the country with their special brand of “musical entertainment” as “The Kids from the Brady Bunch”.

The whole group reunited in 1981 for The Brady Girls Get Married, followed by an ill-fated sitcom, The Brady Brides. The cast would get together again, sans Cindy, for A Very Brady Christmas in 1988. They even took a stab at a dramatic series called The Bradys in 1990, which, suffice to say, didn’t last very long.

Brady fever would re-ignite in the 90s, with two successful movies that recast the entire family and lovingly parodied (or skewered, if you prefer) the original series – The Brady Bunch Movie in 1995, and A Very Brady Sequel the following year. A made-for-television attempt at another sequel in 2002, The Brady Bunch in the White House, didn’t live up to the quality of its movie predecessors, unfortunately.

People love to make fun of The Brady Bunch, they love to insist that they hate the show, and yet it endures unfazed. They will never admit that they remember when Greg’s hair turned orange or when he turned the attic into his groovy psychedelic love nest. They will pretend not to be aware of Jan’s hatred of her glasses or of being the middle child. They will feign ignorance of Peter’s volcano or Alice’s affair with Sam the Butcher. But, deep down, they all watched. We all watched, and laughed at the adventures of perhaps the best-known, best-loved family to ever hit television airwaves.

Did you grow up watching this beloved show? Are you pretty certain you’ve seen all the episodes (even the Christmas one that they hardly ever shown in syndication)? Do you have a particular favorite you’d like to share with us. We want to hear all of your Brady Bunch memories in our comments section below.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I loved The Brady Bunch! I want seasons 1-5. I love the song Keep On.

  2. Debi says:

    I loved the Brady Bunch. I wanted to be apart of that family, because mine seemed so messed up compared to their wonderful bunch! I don’t know if I ever have seen the Christmas episode. I wonder if there is a place online to watch it. I suppose U-tube!

  3. Tom says:

    Listen, I turned 10 when The Brady Bunch premiered on ABC September, 1969. Most of us kids at the time liked the show even though we did admit it was a bit unreal and goody-goody. Even though The Partridge Family appeared a year later and set the clan in the world of show business, the sibling dynamic seemed more real to us because of the good-natured kidding and the fact Mom gave the kids just enough rope to hang themselves without hovering over them like a helicopter.

    Sherwood Schwartz has TBS to thank for putting The Bunch into sydication otherwise I don’t think it would have been popular today without it; we’d be looking back on it as quaintly as we regard “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet” today.

  4. David says:

    Oh-“The Brady Brides” and its TV-movie pilot “The Brady Girls Get Married” both were on NBC.

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