The Brady Kids

Brady Kids

With the enduring popularity of the hit series, The Brady Bunch, on prime time, it was inevitable that the clan would eventually make their way to the Saturday morning lineup in cartoon form. In 1972, Paramount Studios and Filmation Studios teamed up to bring the lovable little six-pack of moppets to animated life in The Brady Kids, running the cartoon concurrently with the sitcom.

The focus of The Brady Kids was on the youngsters; Mike, Carol and Alice were nowhere to be found. Rather, the show focused on the sleuthing abilities of the children to solve various mysteries from their new, spiffy tree-house dwelling. Assisting them in their adventures were Mop Top, a sheepdog; a wisecracking and magical Myna bird named Marlon and two panda bears, Ping and Pong.

The Brady Kids featured the voices of the real-life actors from the prime time series, although the last few episodes used replacements for Greg and Peter, due to contract disputes. All in all, 22 episodes were produced, all under the watchful eye of show creator, Sherwood Schwartz.

If you have fond memories of tuning into The Brady Kids on the Saturday mornings of your youth, we welcome your memories in our comments section, as we pay tribute to this beloved spin-off cartoon of the 70s.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I loved the Brady Kids,I loved the Wonder Woman and Superman episodes.When will we see this on dvd.

  2. gerry dobson says:

    i enjoyed this show

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