The Care Bears Movie

Care Bears Movie

“It’s never too late if you care enough!”

Wise words from a kindhearted clan of bears who had already spread their particular brand of unconditional love via a very successful line of greeting cards and stuffed children’s toys. Now it was time to warm the hearts of their young admires with a feature film in 1985, The Care Bears Movie. With some help from a few other furry critters, the Care Bears reminded all watching that love is always the answer.

As the film opens, we find our bear friends conducting business as usual from their perch high atop the clouded kingdom of Care-A-Lot. Having made a career out of caring, they spend their time manning powerful telescopes that peer down on the children of the world, looking for signs of any kid who needs a little dose of compassion. Two such kids are Kim and Jason, two siblings who no longer believe in the promises that adults make. The bears helpfully intervene by bringing the kids to their home of Care-A-Lot for a surprise-filled outing.

Elsewhere a lonely tyke named Nicholas is working as an apprentice for a carnival magician and reading an old magic book in his free time. The book has its own evil intentions, however, telling Nicholas that, if only he will set this sinister spirit free, he will be rewarded with all the friends he could ever hope for. Nicholas follows through, not realizing that by doing so, he is unwittingly robbing the world of all its caring power. Only some very kind bears, with help from a collection of friends including some furry cousins (a raccoon and lion,) Kim and Jason, and an apprehensive Nicholas can return the gift of caring to the world.

The Care Bears Movie was a gentle endeavor, geared towards the youngest group of moviegoers, who sat enthralled by the visual eye-candy and charming story. This film was a big success, as were two subsequent sequels and an animated series, proving that caring really never goes out of style, at least until the teen years.

If you were young enough to witness all this Care Bears splendor in the theater, or if you just endured these lovable bears via your younger siblings, we invite you to share your memories in our comments section, as we pay tribute to these pals from prepubescence.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I loved this movie when I was a kid. I actually had it on TAPE.

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