The Evolution Of Fonzie

When Happy Days debuted in 1974, it was a nostalgic look at 1950s family life as seen through the eyes of Richie Cunningham, all-American high school boy. But a minor character, the motorcycle-riding outsider named Fonzie, stole the spotlight and became one of the most iconic and enduring characters in TV history. Retroland examines Fonzie’s complex character evolution over the course of the series’ remarkable 11 year run, and breaks them down to four critical phases:

Quintessential tough guy, Windbreaker Fonzie was a street-smart biker who existed solely as a contrast to the innocent high school age Richie Cunningham.

2. CLASSIC FONZIE (Season 2)
Donning a leather jacket and taking on the “older brother” role, Classic Fonzie became the worldly, no-nonsense moral compass of the show.

3. SUPER FONZIE (Season 5)
His awesome powers of Jukebox and vending machine supremacy expanded into feats of courage, like jumping trashcans, sharks, and even facing off against an alien named Mork.
And yes, we said sharks.

4. MATURE FONZIE (Seasons 8-11)
As he aged gracefully, he transitioned from rebel outsider to older brother, and finally, bearded teacher, instructing young baby boomers in the finer points of auto mechanics.

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