The Keebler Elves

Keebler Elves

With a taste so uncommonly good, it’s hard to believe that these delicious treats came from a hollowed-out tree. But not just any old tree – one containing magical ovens manned by the diminutive Keebler Elves. Throughout their long history, they have continued to tantalize all who come within sight or smell of their irresistible specialty – cookies.

Leading the pack as “head baker and spokes-elf” is Ernest J. Keebler, a well-dressed fella who is eager to share his baked goods with the world. He is accompanied by a gaggle of helpers such as Speedy, Elmer, Zoot, Roger, Sam and Doc – each possessing a particular specialty that aids the production process.

And of course, Ernie’s mom, the well-respected Ma Keebler keeps an eye on her legacy and her kin. Ernie’s attire is hard to miss with his red hat and shirt, green jacket, and yellow pants and tie. Size notwithstanding, he stands out in a crowd. He is also the only elf to have the honor of a cookie named after him – the delicious E.L. fudge.

Together Ernie and his assistants have been telling audiences about Keebler cookies since 1968, when they were introduced by the prolific Leo Burnett advertising agency – creators of such icons as Charlie Tuna, The Pillsbury Doughboy and Morris the Cat, to name but a few. The friendly little mascots are the stars of the Keebler Cookie Company.

Located in Philadelphia, the company was founded by the real Elmer Keebler in 1853 – and has churned out cookies and crackers ever since. Today, they are owned by Kellogg Foods, which continues to feature the elves in their commercials. Little known fact: Keebler also makes a significant portion of those highly addictive Girl Scout cookies, a habit that there is no known cure for.

Unleashing an uncontrollable cookie addiction on an unsuspecting populace might seem cruel and unusual to some, but you can hardly fault these little guys. They can’t help it if their magic ovens churn out so many tasty varieties of cookies. It’s all they know how to do and they do it quite well.

Are you a life-long Keebler fan? Which ones continue to wind up in your shopping cart? More importantly, do you blame the elves for your continued dependence on these tasty treats? Share your thoughts on the Keebler Elves and their remarkable snack treats in our comments section below, as we fondly remember these loyal mascots.

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  1. tcoria77 says:

    one of my particular favorites , are the delicious fudge striped cookies, pecan sandies are not that great, i dont like shortbread cookies. and the other ones i like are the ones where the entire outside is chocolate, and it it is in a rectangle shape, i forgot the name, but you know what i am talking about,

  2. Mike says:

    They need to make those Pizzarias chips again.

  3. mastermuncher says:

    I am partial to the shortbread and the Fudge covered graham crackers.Those things are soooooooo yummy.Man I want some fudge covered graham crackers so bad.Might have to buy a pack soon.I also like the chocolate chip and the striped shortbreads

  4. Jennifer harris says:

    Keebler Cookies are good.They are made fun of in the movie Elf and Family Guy when The Keebler Elves attacked Rice Krispie Elves.

  5. Bill White says:

    These lines were taken from my favorite Keebler’s commercial back in the 1960s. A “John Wayne” type character was addressing the little guys when he delivered the famous line:

    “It’s enough to make a tall guy proud to be two elfs!”

    “Most tall guys ARE two elves.”

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