The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

Plenty of monsters have come and gone over the years, but it’s not often you get a collection of, count em’, five classic creatures in one movie. To experience this quintuplet of creeps, one must watch The Monster Squad. Released in 1987, the all-star team of terror included Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, the Wolfman, and Gillman (from The Creature From the Black Lagoon, in case his name draws a blank.) That’s a lotta monster bang for the buck. Throw in a special appearance by Van Helsing, a few bad vampire babes and a bunch of monster-obsessed kids and you have the makings for a pretty cool movie.

In the film, “The Monster Squad” consists of five young boys – Sean, Rudy, Horace, Patrick and Eugene, who have created a club to share their affection for movie monsters. Sean, who serves as the club leader, comes across a diary by legendary vampire expert, Van Helsing, which happens to contain a description of an amulet, made from a concentration of “good.” The problem is that one day each year, the power contained within is unguarded and susceptible to being destroyed.

Its power is also capable of corralling monsters into a hole in the universe, however, so the Monster Squad sets out to find the amulet, unaware that Dracula is doing the same thing, hoping to beat them to the punch. The kids arrive at a house where the amulet is stored in a stone room, only to find it occupied by Drac and his fab five of frightening friends. They can’t get to the treasure, because crucifixes are blocking their way and the Monster Squad have their own hurdles to pass – namely that they need a virgin who speaks German to read a specific incantation if they are going to save the world.

The Monster Squad was a truly fun monster flick that had just the right amount of fright to endear a generation of kids to the film. A 20th anniversary DVD set of the film was released in 2007 and quickly topped Amazon’s bestseller list, proving that the fond memories for this movie are almost as indestructible as Dracula himself.

If you have your own fond recollections of this frightfully fun film, we hope you’ll share them in the comments section.

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