The Munsters Versus The Addams Family


Of all the face-off questions we’ve posted in the past few months, it was inevitable that we would eventually find our way here – to compare and contrast two sillier than scary sitcoms – miles apart in their type of humor, but equally beloved by millions. You’ve all watched both series – if not firsthand, then certainly in syndication – and we suspect you have some passionate opinions on the subject. So, today we post the timeless question – which show did you prefer, The Munsters or The Addams Family?

First, let’s look at The Munsters, which debuted on CBS in 1967 and ran for two seasons (concurrently with The Addams Family). Family patriarch Herman, his beautiful wife Lilly, and their son Eddie lived with their extended family, the ever-inventive Grandpa, and Lilly’s beautiful niece, Marilyn in a decrepit mansion located within a quiet suburban neighborhood. In their minds, they were a completely normal family, but to the rest of the neighborhood, they were simply horrifying. Still, the happy-go-lucky Herman and family did their best to contribute positively to their community, even if their kindness wasn’t always appreciated. Let’s look in on 1313 Mockingbird Lane:

Next, we have the decidedly more goth-looking Addams Family, a series based on the dark and twisted humor of New Yorker magazine cartoonist, Charles Addams. Like their competition, this show debuted in 1964 and ran for two seasons. Here, the heads of the household were the delightful couple of Gomez and Morticia Addams, who were far more fun-loving (and frisky) than they were frightening, and were the proud parents of two adorably odd children, Wednesday and Pugsley. The other members of the creepy clan, however, were quite disturbing appearance-wise and kept unsuspecting visitors a little more on edge. Whether it was the dismembered hand living in a box named “Thing,” their tall and ghoulish butler Lurch, a batty witch named Granny, the walking hairball Cousin It or the playfully-sinister Uncle Fester, they managed to send away their own share of terrified visitors with their playful antics. Here’s a look at the creepy clan, complete with iconic theme song:

So, now it is up to you. Tell us which of these frightfully funny families were your favorite, and be sure to state your reasons why, as we celebrate both of these macabre sitcoms that continue to live on in the hearts of millions of fans, some 40 years after their original run.

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  1. BuckBrann02 says:

    Mor me, I definitely love the Munsters more. Mainly because, they have all of my favorite monsters. Werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster, Vampires…etc. I do like The Adams Family. In fact, my wife & I are more like Gomez and Morticia than Heman and Lily. Overall, my vote is for The Munsters. :-)

  2. tcoria77 says:

    i liked them both, but i like the addams family a bit more, and it was because gomez was funny, and the chemistry between him and morticia was fantastic, and i love to see the people who came to visit, run screaming from the house.

  3. Allie Fox says:

    I am a Munsters man.

    I think it had more to do with Marilyn than anything else. I always found Pat Priest to be very pretty.

    It also had a bit to do with the channel it came on. If I remember correctly the Addams Family came on channel 5 while The Munsters came on Channel 11. I watched channel 11 more than 5 and therefore watched it more often.

    . . .or something like that?!? ;)

  4. AmandaByNight says:

    I adore the Munsters! Herman was so cute!

    My fiance is a Addams Family guy though. It will make the marriage tough, I’m sure! :)

  5. Deanna says:

    I preferred The Addams Family. To me, The Munsters was silly; but The Addams Family was FUNNY! I liked the dry evilness of lots of their jokes and setups.

  6. missj2you says:

    Although, I enjoyed some episodes of The Addams Family, I am most definitely a Munsters gal!

  7. Jennifer harris says:

    I like both.

  8. W.D. Hastings says:

    Without a doubt, the Addams’. Even at a tender young age its self-defined ‘kookiness’ was by far more my style. It had a satirical streak I must have intuited about convention. As light as it was, the gang was rooted in actual ghoulishness, coming as id did from Charles Addams’s mind – the New York cartoons were meant for adults.
    (And I was in love with Morticia.) The family reveled in their ways, took them for granted, and were completely unaware that they the ‘different’ ones, which was great to me as a kid. They an openly affectionate family.

    The Munsters – to the extent I’d see it – seemed totally the opposite. Addams spoofed the sitcom. The Munsters was just a sitcom – albeit for kids. Poor Herman was all to sensitive – the opposite of the Addams’. In that sense – to ME – I thusly didn’t see the point of it at all. So, in the manner of little kids that age, I ‘resented’ and scorned the Munsters.

    Long live Thing!

  9. kj_kids says:

    The Munsters were way better. As a kid growing up in the 60′s, I found the Munsters were funny, whereas I found the Addam’s Family was just plain stupid. I guess it depends on the style of humor you prefer.

  10. Allison DeHaviland says:


  11. Alex says:

    Addams Family because it’s more mermoriable to me.

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