The New Zoo Revue

New Zoo Review

“It’s The New Zoo Revue, coming right at you!”

From 1972-1977, children across America were greeted each morning to a shy hippopotamus named Henrietta, a wise owl named Charlie, and fun-loving frog named Freddy. Throw in a pair of human hosts, Doug and Emmy Jo, and you have the syndicated kid’s show, The New Zoo Revue.

Through song, dance and games, The New Zoo Revue taught the basic principles of getting along with others, respecting the community and oneself, and doing the right thing. Doug Momary and Emily Peden (Emmy Jo) created the popular series, served as the hosts, and were married in real-life.

Doug also composed the many songs (literally hundreds) the gang would perform in the show. Other characters occasionally visited, including neighborhood postman and storekeeper named Mr. Dingle (played by Chuck Woolery of Wheel of Fortune fame), Mrs. Goodbody and another frog named Freida.

For its efforts, The New Zoo Revue garnered awards from the National Education Association and the National School Board Association. All told, 196 episodes were produced of the children’s show, which reached an estimated three-million youngsters each day.

Many of those former kids can even still sing the theme to The New Zoo Revue as if it were only yesterday. And, just to warm your nostalgic hearts a little more, you will be happy to learn that after all these years, your endearing hosts, Doug and Emmy Jo, are still happily married.

Were you a faithful fan of The New Zoo Revue back in the 70s? We’d love to your memories of this popular show in our comments section.

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  1. Old School says:

    I was in high school when the show was aired, and I remember walking through the house one summer, my sisters watching NZR, and then seeing this gorgeous brunette in a mini and boots. I became pretty good at knowing when it would air, so, I’d be there everyday, a faithful viewer, LOL.

  2. Tina Pirinen says:

    I loved this show! I was a child when it ran and I still remember the theme song in my mind. I loved the characters and their little homes! I was fascinated by the elevator and the tree house. It was such a sweet innocent little show! I’ll never forget it.

  3. kimberly says:

    Best thing I remember of my childhood, loved it so much!!!! Thnx for the memories

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