TV Flashback – 1985

televisionLast time we did one of these flashbacks, we talked about television programming on Sunday nights. This time, we thought we would take a look and see what was being broadcast on Thursday nights, 25 years ago.

Over on ABC, Lee Majors fans were tuned into The Fall Guy, which followed the adventures of a Hollywood stuntman. Let’s take a look:

On CBS, it was all about two hours of mystery solving – first with Magnum PI, followed by Simon and Simon, just in case you hadn’t had your fill.

Of course, one look at the ratings and it is pretty clear that most of us were tuned into NBC, who offered the stellar comedy lineup of The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers and Night Court. Perhaps this will bring you back:

Did you go along for the NBC comedy ride, or were your loyalties with one of the other networks? Which of these shows do you remember most fondly? Take us back 25 years and share those memories of Thursday night programming with all of us at Retroland.

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  1. Ricia says:

    I totally watched NBC every week. I loved all those shows. Ah, memories.

  2. princessdiana says:

    I loved Family Ties,Magnum P.I. and The Fall Guy,I loved the way Lee Majors sang.He was also a great Grandpa Max in Ben 10:Race Against Time.

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