Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm

Today, we take a look back at a true classic, an educational toy that lives and breaths and burrows and scurries. For over fifty years, kids have stared intently through the clear plastic walls of their formicarium (the scientific term for ant farm), as their new ant friends labor intensively to construct a sand-tunneled utopia. Granted, anyone can build one of these observation instruments with a handful of easy-to-obtain supplies, but we have long put our trust into a man named Milton Martin Levine, known to millions of kids as Uncle Milton, to supply us with his special Ant Farms (ants included).

Here’s what one of them looks like:

In case you are wondering if there have been any space-age advances since the first ant farms, rest assured that ant farm technology continues to progress. Uncle Milton offers a new Ant Farm Gel Colony, as well as an Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony. Take a look for yourself:

With over 20 million Ant Farms sold, Uncle Milton is still going strong after all these years and continues to amaze us with this unique look into the daily life of ants. Are you the proud former owner of an Ant Farm? Have any fond recollections you would like to share (or even horror stories, if you’ve got them)? Share your Uncle Milton Ant Farm memories with all of us in our comments section, as we tip our collective caps to one of our favorite uncles!

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  1. amberosia says:

    My son got one for a birthday gift about 6 years ago. We sent away for the ants, but they never came.

  2. Jennifer harris says:

    My bro and I never had this.

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