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Upsy Downsy Toys

The year was 1969 and lava lamp-laden hippies roamed the earth. Besides gathering together for the lovefest that was Woodstock, they also helped to create a fashion style that went so far as to invade the toy world. The result was a set of colorful characters that had their own little commune of psychedelic happiness, the groovy and ever-lovable Mattel Upsy Downsys.

Introduced by Mattel Toys during the summer of love, Upsy Downsys were a collection of figures that stood about 2” high, made of plastic with yarn hairdos. These far out folks were sort of human-esque, similar to something that Timothy Leary might have imagined on a particularly playful evening. Each came with a playland mat and some far out vehicle like the Aero Zoomer plane or the Bugabout car. The mats could be laid out side-by-side to create an ‘Upsy Downsys Happidiculous’ commune of sorts.

There were two distinct breeds of Upsy Downsys to contend with, the upright Upsys and the inverted Downsys, depending on ones personal preference or, better yet, perspective. Gooey Chewey sported blue eyes, lipstick and blush and flowing locks of red and white yarn hair. Downy Dilly puttered around town in her environmentally friendly and fashionable Footmobile, which required no fossil fuels, just some strong foot power. And, should things get out of hand, Flossy Glossy was the proud owner of an elephant-shaped fire truck called an Elewetter, ready to put out any flames that might emerge around town.

Mattel also released a series of nine books about the characters and their adventures, such as “Flossy Glossy and the Hard-to-Find Fire,” “Pocus Hocus and The Magic House-Tree” and (ahem) “Baby So-High and The Just-Right Pet.” These books offered an imaginative view of Upsy Downsy Land that one could incorporate into their playtime activities with their Upsy Downsy pals.

As the man came crashing down on the counterculture escapades of the era, the little hippie dolls eventually faded away and, like their human counterparts, probably went on to cut their hair and become lawyers. But back in the day, they were the grooviest toys to ever hit the market, as those with enough brain cells left from the era can surely attest.

Do you happen to recall if you were ever the proud owner of an Upsy Downsy? If so, we’d love to hear your memories of these groovy toys in our comments section below.

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