When Pixels Attack

pixelsImagine if all the fiendish pixilated foes from your favorite 70s and 80s arcade games joined forces and unleashed their ruthless power on a major city. What would Pac-Man chomp? What kind of damage could the Space Invaders inflict? Would Frogger seek revenge upon all those cars that tried to run him over? And the barrel-wielding Donkey Kong? You don’t even want to know.

What’s that you say? You do want to know? Well, thanks to this amusing and clever short film, created by filmmaker Patrick Jean, we are able to comply with your wishes.

Hopefully you weren’t too traumatized from all that carnage inflicted by those cubed creatures of mass destruction. Speaking of which – are there any favorite arcade game characters that you feel should have been included? Share your thoughts with all of us at Retroland as we tip our hat to Patrick Jean for creating this ingenious and entertaining short film.

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  1. Retromaniac says:

    That was great.

  2. soulblazer says:

    :D Tetris!!!

    Another labor of love from somebody just as obsessed with early gaming as I. Having more characters would have, maybe, made it too much but it was fun either way. And my foot was tapping to the background beat.

    Thanks for the blog!!!

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